What is True U Education?

TrueU_Education_LogoOne question I get asked a lot by blog readers who have already graduated from beauty school, passed the state exam, have their esthetician license and are now working in the industry is, “What about advanced education?” How does an esthetician keep learning in this industry? Where does an esthetician go to keep learning after graduating from beauty school?

In the state of California, you’re considered a licensed esthetician after you’ve completed 600-hours of lecture and hands-on training and have passed both the written and practical state exam. In some states like Washington, you’re now considered a licensed esthetician after you’ve completed 750-hours of lecture and hands-on training and have passed both the written and practical state exam. With all of the different types of treatments estheticians can offer under their license, it often seems like 600 or even 750 hours just isn’t enough time to cover everything a person might need to know in order to be a successful esthetician.

That’s where schools like True U Education come in. True U is where beauty school ends and advanced training for a licensed esthetician begins. Located in Chicago, Illinois, True U offers a number of esthetics, laser, skin care and business building classes to licensed estheticians and skincare professionals. Developed by Steven H. Dayan M.D. FACS and Terri A. Wojak with over 20 years of combined experience working in the aesthetics industry, they created an advanced esthetic education center that provides aesthetic professionals with the knowledge they need to succeed in the medical industry while working within their scope of practice.

In February 2015, True U Education released their online training programs, making advanced skincare specialization accessible to aesthetic professionals with a Wi-Fi or Internet connection. The first online course to be made available is also one of True U’s most popular courses, Aesthetic Laser & Light Therapies: Physics & Safety. This comprehensive 12-hour online laser course is designed to cover topics such as the study of aesthetic lasers, physics and safety, ultimately providing students with the knowledge needed to succeed as a laser professional.

True U Laser is open to anyone working in the aesthetic industry that is looking to gain knowledge of laser and light therapy treatments. Even those that do not perform lasers can benefit from the knowledge on differing technologies to educate clients. Skincare professionals may assist medical providers by offering pre- and post-treatment skin care. Knowing what each laser is actually doing to the skin, including healing times, will help an esthetician best recommend treatments and products to their clients for optimal results and answer questions clients may have about these services and the science behind them.

True U was kind enough to ask me to check out the new Aesthetic Laser & Light Therapies: Physics & Safety online course and let them know what I think. The course covers six chapters with topics such as:

How Lasers Work
Treatment Indications
Cosmetic Lasers
Consultation and Treatment Considerations
Laser Classifications
Laser Safety

There’s a quiz after each chapter, two review tests and one final exam. The online course also includes 19 laser treatment videos, a comprehensive aesthetic terms glossary practice case studies, a 41-page workbook to take notes in during the course and a downloadable version of Part 5 – Laser and Light Therapy from Terri Wojak’s book, Aesthetics Exposed.

Students are encouraged to go through the entire 12-hour online course at their own pace. It’s important to go through each section of the program slow enough to absorb all of the information. Trust me, there’s a lot of good information stuffed into this course! If needed, students can watch each of the videos as many times as they like.

This is my first weekend of diving into the True U Lasers online course and I’ve already completed chapter one through three. I’ve taken all three of the chapter quizzes – passing with a 90% and passed the first comprehensive test, passing with an 80%. Upon completion of the course, I’ll not only have received a wealth of knowledge about laser and light therapy treatments, but I’ll be issued a Laser Physics Certificate from True U Education and be able to complete my full review of the course here on my blog.

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