What to Expect When Going to Beauty School

Salon Success AcademySeveral of my readers out there are considering going to beauty school. It’s such a big, tough and expensive decision to make. Trust me, I know. I had to make the same decision myself over four years ago. To this day, I’m so happy I went to beauty school. I now have a career I’m proud of and a job I love. It’s true when they say if you love your job, you’ll never work a single day in your life.

I recently asked Salon Success Academy to share with my blog readers their insight on what to expect when going to beauty school. What types of programs are available? What will you learn and how will you learn it? Who will you meet? What’s State Board and how do you prepare for it? Here’s what they had to say:

Do you have a passion for beauty? Have you always wanted a career helping others look and feel beautiful? You can, with an exciting career in the beauty industry!

You might be wondering how you can get there. A beauty school can provide you with the in-depth knowledge and hands-on training you’ll need to kick start a successful career. Here’s what to expect when going to beauty school:

Programs Vary
There are all sorts of programs that can cater to your passions. Do you love makeup? Have you always had an interest in proper skincare? Or, do you see yourself working in a barbershop? Beauty schools offer a wide variety of programs from cosmetology and esthetics to barbering. Choose a program that suits you and your goals. For example, a cosmetology program includes curriculum about hair cutting, coloring, and styling, facials, manicuring, and makeup application. An esthetics program, on the other hand, concentrates primarily on skincare. You’ll learn all about skin anatomy, physiology, and sanitation that’ll enable you to perform facials, body treatments, hair removal, and much more! You might even decide to become a medical esthetician which means you could work in a medical setting and perform treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser hair removal.

Learn by Doing
Beauty school and the learning process should take place both inside and outside the classroom. At the beginning, you’ll primarily practice on a mannequin, but you’ll also get valuable hands-on instruction. You’ll even be able to perfect your technique on real clients! Beauty schools often have its own salon that offers services to the local community. You’ll work under the direct supervision and guidance of your instructors, but you’ll get to practice your techniques, customer service skills, and business etiquette. The client consultation is an important part of providing quality customer service and the best way to boost your confidence and polish your skills is to learn by doing.

You’ll Meet All Sorts of People
All sorts of people decide to attend beauty school for different reasons and at different stages of their lives. One classroom could have a mixture of working moms and recent high school graduates. This diversity presents the perfect opportunity to build your professional network. Utilize social media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to say in touch, even after you graduate.

State Board Preparation
To work in the beauty industry, you must first pass the State Board exam. An accredited beauty school will help you prepare for both the written and practical portions. Enlist the help of staff and instructors for their advice. Requirements vary by state, so check yours for more information.

Schools Vary
There are beauty schools all over the country! Find a school that’s accredited, meaning you can have peace of mind knowing your education will be held to a high standard. The one you choose shouldn’t just have a convenient location to where you live, but it should also be a place you look forward to going to every day. Many beauty schools offer flexible class schedules and full time or part time enrollment options. Before you enroll, speak to an admissions specialists and take a tour. Make a list of your goals and expectations. Also, be sure to openly discuss any concerns you have. Find the school that’s right for you!

Salon Success Academy is a beauty school with five convenient locations across the Inland Empire in California. They offer programs with hands-on training and preparation for the State Board exam. To learn more, visit their website or check out their Beauty Buzz Blog.


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