4 Ways Blogging Can Help You Build A Clientele

Salon Success Academy and SpaI was featured on Salon Success Academy’s blog, Beauty Buzz recently. They wanted to know, based on my own professional experience and expertise, what sort of advice I’d have for their readers. Since blogging and skincare are my specialty, I talk about how I used my own blog to build up my business and professional experience over the last four years. Even though my career path isn’t a traditional one for an esthetician, I still consider myself successful because I’m doing exactly what I love to do in an industry that I find exciting and truly enjoy to the core.

Be sure to check out the 4 Ways Blogging Can Help You Build A Clientele. Trust me, it’s probably a whole lot easier than you think. Hope you enjoy the post!


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    • I took a slightly different route than most after I graduated. Instead of working in the treatment room on clients, I went to work for Sephora in the corporate office. My interest has always been on the business side of the industry as opposed to the treatment side.

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