How do I Choose a Good Beauty School?

raise_your_handWhat is the number one question I get asked by my blog readers?

“How do I choose a good beauty school?”

I know just how important this question is to a lot of people. I was asking myself this very same question over two years ago. When I was asking myself this question, I wanted to make sure I got the right answer so that I could make a wise decision. In my case, going to beauty school meant investing a huge chunk of change, taking out a loan and giving up a lot of sleep and any sort of social life. I imagine anyone having to ask this question is preparing to make a number of sacrifices in their life as well.

There are a few things I would consider before deciding on which beauty school to go to. First, you need to really decide if going to beauty school is what you want to do in the first place. Is this an industry that you have passion for? Can you see yourself being happy, working as a licensed professional? Have you saved any money? Are you able to readjust your work schedule in order to fit in a school schedule?

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Secondly, if you decided that going to beauty school is a worthy investment, then the next step is to choose the right school for you. How do you know what school is right for you? Start asking questions. It’s not enough to go off of your own gut feeling. You need to know what the industry thinks of the school you’re considering. Would they hire graduates from that school? Why or why not? What’s the school’s state board passing rate? ow much is school going to cost? Is it in a location that is realistically convenient for you to get to in the morning or evening on time? Does the school offer job placement after graduation?

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Then after you’ve asked some tough questions and really given the decision to go to school some thought, do your homework. Visit the school online. Check out their website for more information. Is the school on Twitter, Facebook or Yelp? Read their reviews. See what their clients and students have to say about them online. Schedule to take a tour of the school with the Admissions Leader. Any business can make a snazzy website. Visit the school in-person. Is it clean? Are the people nice? Does it feel comfortable? Don’t be afraid to visit other schools either. You don’t want to buy the first car you see on the lot. Take your time, do your research and be sure to check out the competition.

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I hope this posts answers any questions you might have about how to choose a good beauty school. If you have any other questions about deciding on which school to go to and it wasn’t covered here or in any of the three articles I posted links to, please leave a comment below.


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