Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Day #23: Look At What I Won!

Day #23

Remember how I completed the challenge at my yoga studio by taking 30 Bikram classes in 30 days? For completing the challenge, my studio gave me a copy of Bikram Choudhury's Bikram Yoga book, autographed by all of my yoga instructors. This is such a cool gift. Now I can read on the backstory behind Bikram Yoga. I can't wait to dive into this book and learn in detail about all 26 postures and of the yoga I've been practicing non-stop for the past two months.

Even though it was New Year's Eve, I still went to class this morning. Yesterday and this morning's class was pretty tough for me physically. My neck and shoulders are still incredibly tight from the nasty face plant I took on my wakeboard last Sunday afternoon. It had been over a month since I went wakeboarding last. I thought for sure my whole body would ache and be stiff. Thanks to all of the Bikram, my body wasn't all that sore. Just the areas where I had been slapped on the water, causing me to be fully ejected from both of my bindings. Yeah, I fell THAT hard. Thankfully one of the gifts I got for Christmas this year was a gift card for a massage. I am so looking forward to redeeming that gift!

Here it is only seven days away from me completing my own personal 30-Day Challenge. I'm still just as motivated as when I originally starred this challenge at the beginning of November. Yes, I'm already signed up for the first Bikram class tomorrow morning, on New Years Day. While most people will either be hungover or still out celebrating from the night before, I'll be standing on my mat and towel, stretching and sweating in the new year.

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