Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day #21: Small Progress

Day #21

Standing Separate Leg Pose
It was so cold this morning on my way into class. The whole town was covered with thick fog. It's mornings like this that make going to Bikram challenging because I don't want to leave my warm bed, Once I'm in class though, I'm happy I'm there because it's so warm inside and so cold outside.

This morning, I noticed that I was making progress in a few of the poses. First off, in the Standing Separate Leg Pose, I'm now able to touch my forehead to the floor and can really feel the stretch all up and down my legs and throughout my spine. Sometimes I can grab my heels, but most of the time my hands slip out so I just grab the outside of my feet and bend my elbows in. What a difference it makes when you really get into a stretch and pull while you're in it. The pulling takes the pose into a whole other level of intensity.

Locust Pose
In the Locust Pose this morning, I felt both my right and my left leg were lifting even higher when I lifted them separately than they ever had been before. By the time we got to lifting both legs, I still struggled. I can't seem to find the right grip underneath my body. I'm pulling my elbows underneath my body, but when I lift both legs, my elbows dig right into my hip bones. This is super uncomfortable and throws me off from being able to lift my legs any higher. There's got to be a better way to do this posture. I must not be listening correctly.

When I first started this challenge 21 days ago, I hated the Fixed Firm Pose. It hurt my knees and I couldn't quite reach the back of my shoulders onto the floor. Now, I feel like once we're in the posture, we don't get to hold it as long as I'd like to. This posture creates a natural human bridge. It feels good all along my back, especially in my lower back. Whenever we're in this posture, I feel like I could sit in it all day and be comfortable. That's HUGE progress for me!

Standing Head to Knee Pose
Right now, the posture I like the LEAST is the Standing Head to Knee Pose. This is only because I struggle so much with this posture. It's challenging for me to keep my balance, lock my standing knee and keep my other leg in the air without huffing and puffing my way through it. One day, I hope to get into this posture easily and hold it with ease, while bending my elbows down along my calf muscles. One day!

Bikram Yoga Tip

Today's tip isn't so much of a tip as it is a revelation. After class this morning, I spent the afternoon wakeboarding on the Delta with some of my close friends. I've been known to take some pretty nasty falls while wake boarding. I either feel the pain right away or the soreness sets in the next day. Today, I took a nasty fall that consisted of me face planting so hard that the back of my board came up and over the back of my head, causing my board to smack into the back of my head. It hurt, but I couldn't tell if it was because of the cold water on my head or if I had hit my head really hard. I got back up right away and continued riding. For the rest of the day, I didn't feel any soreness on the back of my head, neck or shoulders. I can't help but think since I've been bending my body in so many different positions over the last 21 days that my overall, increased flexibility has saved me from some possible soreness.

Preventing injuries and body soreness is reason enough for me to want to continue to have plenty of Bikram Yoga in my daily life.

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  1. Oh great..!! I really like all these poses and all these are really inspiring and tough to perform but I will definitely try these yoga tips and poses at home.