Sunday, May 12, 2013

My New Job Rocks!

This pretty much sums it up!
I've been at my new job, working as the Assistant Marketing Manager for SkinSpirit Skincare Clinic and Spa for the past three weeks. I can honestly say that I never thought I could love a job as much as I love this job. It's so much fun. There's never a dual moment. I've been incredibly busy and have been learning so much.

Here's a quick breakdown of what I've been up to in the new position over the last three weeks:

  • Visited all three of our locations multiple times: Palo Alto, Walnut Creek and Mill Valley.
  • Received laser hair removal on my underarms (twice) and bikini area (once)
  • Received a SkinSpirit Signature Facial. This was my first medical grade facial and my first time receiving microdermabrasion. My skin feels amazing!
  • Had one-on-one training with our SkinMedica/Latisse brand rep. I scored some product and get to go on Latisse this coming week. Stay tuned for before/after pictures and a detailed blog post.
  • Helped create a Marketing Planning Calendar for the rest of 2013. It feels good to be organized and know what we have coming up each month.
  • Organized each of our location's Facebook Pages. "Like" our Facebook Pages for Palo Alto, Walnut Creek and Mill Valley.
  • Organized each of our Google+ Pages. Check out our Google+ Pages for Palo Alto, Walnut Creek and Mill Valley.
  • Claimed all three of our locations on the Foursquare app and created a SkinSpirit chain since we have multiple locations. I didn't realize how many people were on Foursquare. This app is quite addicting!
  • Created and launched a Check-In Offer on Yelp and Foursquare. The first 10 clients who check-in on either Yelp or Foursquare and show the admins at the front desk their proof of check-in receive an awesome goodie bag.
  • Created an Instagram account for SkinSpirt. Find and follow us at @SkinSpirit.
  • Took over the Twitter account. I'm now managing the account, engaging with our followers on a daily basis and scheduling a lot of fun tweets. Check us out on Twitter at @SkinSpirit
  • Watched A LOT of training webinars from all of our partners and vendors. My brain hurts by the end of the day because it's so full of great ideas I want to implement!
  • Researched and created an upcoming Facebook Page campaign that I'm getting ready to launch. Just putting the final touches on it this week. Stay tuned for details.
  • Finished and passed two more Social Media Marketing classes at SFSU.
  • Not to mention countless meetings with staff members, management, vendors and contractors-oh my!
Most importantly, I finally got a brand new cellphone that doesn't need to be plugged in each time I need to use it!! I never realized just how much I use my phone during the day until it started to die on me. I've finally upgraded from an iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 5. Get ready for amazing picture quality!

I've been a busy AND productive lady. Slowly, I've been checking off some big items from my To-Do List. Pretty soon, I'll be able to pick up even more tasks and expand my position. I'm really excited that I get to design my job to be whatever I want it to be. I even get to skip some of the nasty commute from Tracy to the Bay Area thanks to being able to work from home a couple of days a week. I find that the days I work from home, I work even more than I would if I were working in the office. There's not as many distractions at home as there are in an office. Plus, those four hours I would've spent in the car are spent working instead!

This week I'm going to finally tackle the company's blog and focus on writing posts. I have a long list of subjects I plan on covering over the next several weeks, a lot of them are common questions from clients. 

Do you have any medical spa, service, equipment or product questions that you'd like to have answered? Leave your burning questions in a comment below and who knows...your question might very well be a future SkinSpirit blog post.


  1. Hello,

    Are you taking up Social Media Marketing at SFSU only or other courses? I am interested in esthetics and social media. I live in Los Angeles, so I am looking into schools for it.

    As far as the blog goes, how do you feel about Dermalogica?


  2. Right now, I'm only attending classes through SFSU. I'd do a quick Google search to see what's in your area. For me, I searched "social media classes San Francisco" SFSU was the first thing to pop up. After I checked out their website and reviewed a coule of the classes, I was convinced and signed up. I'm so happy I did!

    As far as Dermalogica goes, I love the line. I like that it has a little something for everyone and every skin condition. I'm slowly moving over to more powerful products, but Dermalogica is a great gateway product line into quality skincare.