Friday, March 22, 2013

The Truth About Returns

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If you haven't checked out, I highly suggest you do so. It's the ultimate resource for ALL things beauty. One of my favorite features on their blog is Counter Confidential. Counter Confidential is written cleverly by an Undercover Beauty Agent who is a makeup artist working at a local beauty counter and reports on true stories exclusively for Beautylish.

Recently, Counter Confidential covered the topic of returns. Returns are a tricky subject in any industry, especially the beauty industry. When I worked for Sephora, I would hear the craziest, long-winded stories as to why a client wanted to return a used product. More than likely, I'd hear these stories because the client was trying to return the product long after they purchased it, like 90 days after the original purchase date. Or a client would want to state a case for why they should get full or partial credit for a product that was completely used.  Honestly, if a client isn't happy with a product then the client should be able to return or exchange it for a product that they would be happy with-within reason of course.

What I found interesting was that in the comments portion of this article, some readers didn't even realize that returning a used cosmetic, skincare or beauty product was even an option. Then on the other end of the spectrum, there were readers commenting on their experience with "chronic returners." These are the folks who take an advantage of a company's liberal return policy and abuse it on a whole other level. Cue in here: the client who wants to return a completely used product for a full refund.

The Truth About Returns answers every question you've ever asked yourself when having to or even thinking about having to return a used product. Everything from dealing with an evil glare from the person working behind the counter to what exactly happens to the used or damaged products that are returned and even the appropriate length of time one has to return a product they aren't satisfied with.

Thanks Counter Confidential for your amazing "insider" insight! I can't wait for the next article.

Counter Confidential: The Truth About Returns


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