Sunday, March 17, 2013

Have You Ever Worked in a Spa or Salon Before?

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Working for a small business, I get to wear MANY hats. I can be anywhere in the building at any given time doing one of many things. Those things can include, but certainly aren't limited to, being on the salon floor answering the phone, checking in/checking out clients for their salon floor appointments, booking appointments for clients, updating any one of the school's social media platforms, refilling the candy and soda vending machine, sorting and delivering the mail, branding our retail space's windows with the latest promotion or new product, teaching a guest services class to the Future Professionals, meeting with the members of the Social Media Team to show them tips and tricks on a particular social media platform, running a retail or service contest of some sort for the Future Professionals, strategizing upcoming promotions or acting as a guidance counselor answering questions, offering advice, an ear or even a hug to a Future Professional.

This week, I added on the task of interviewing job candidates for the service desk. Yes, we're hiring! We have such a dynamic team at the desk already. We're in search of another exceptional person to join the team, someone who will fit perfectly. The quest has begun to find an amazing individual who's responsible, a true professional, loves the industry, can multitask, be proactive, has an upbeat, positive energy, loves people and is fun to work with.

To help find the missing link to our already dynamic service desk team, I have created a list of my own top job interview questions I like to ask each applicant. These questions give me an overall sense of who a person is, what type of worker they are, what type of worker they will be and how they might or might not fit in with our team.

The first question I always like to ask any applicant is:

Have you worked in a spa or salon environment before?

It's certainly not a deal breaker if an applicant has never worked in this type of environment before, but it's a definite plus if they have! Some people might not understand how crazy working in a spa or salon can be. You've got the phones ringing, the doorbell buzzing, stylists needing product or having questions that only you can answer, scheduled clients coming in to check in or out for their service, people walking in off the street requesting a service, the UPS guy delivering packages, clients asking questions about the retail products on the shelf, etc. It's not just about sitting at a desk. In fact, most salons don't even have chairs at the desk. You're standing on your feet for the entire shift!

Our service desk is very special in that we have two types of clients: salon floor clients who come in for services and our Future Professionals. Working at the service desk is all about managing both types of clients and striving to keep them happy at all times. If a candidate doesn't understand the importance of satisfying both types of clients, they wont be a good fit for the position.

For those of you who are a spa or salon interviewing applicants, how important do you think this question is to ask? 

If you are the job seeker, how would you answer this question if you didn't have previous spa or salon experience?

Leave a comment below with your answers. I'm excited to see what you have to say!

Next interview question I like to ask: Difficult Clients!

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