Friday, March 30, 2012

Hair Growth Cycle

Did you know that your hair grows in three stages? All the hair on your body grows in cycles, but not every hair is always at the same stage, at the same time. Here are the three stages of hair growth.

Anagen: The Growth Stage

The first stage of hair growth is the Anagen Stage. This is the stage of the cycle where new hair is produced. Approximately 85% of all the hair on the body will be in the growth stage at one time. Since most of the hair on the body is in the Anagen Stage at the same time, it makes it the perfect time in the hair growth cycle to wax.

Catagen: The Regression or Falling Out Stage

The Catagen Stage is the second stage in the hair growth cycle. In this stage, the hair shaft grows upward and detaches itself from the bulb. Once the hair has detached itself from the bulb, its also gets cut off from the blood supply. This means that the hair no longer receives any nutrients or pigment. This is the mean reason why hair in this stage looks dull and unhealthy. Only 2 to 3% of the body's hair will be at this stage at any given time.

Telogen: The Final or Resting Stage

This is the stage in the hair growth cycle when hair is at its fullest size. In this stage, hairs are completely erect in the follicle, allowing the hair to show above the skin's surface. Hair is more likely to either shed or fall out during this stage. Only 15% of the body's hair will be in this stage at any given time.

Fun Fact about Hair Growth: It takes anywhere from 4 to 13 weeks for the hair to grow from the dermal papilla (the base of the hair follicle) to the surface of the skin. Have you ever felt a little leftover stubble after getting waxed? That's because some of the hairs left behind were still in the early Anagen Stage and not long enough to be removed from waxing. With regular waxing every 3 to 4 weeks, you are more than likely to get your hair on the same growing cycle, allowing for optimal waxing results.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Guess Who's Going to Start Waxing Professionally?

I have some very exciting news! I am going to be waxing professionally, part-time, at European Wax Center at the Daly City location located in the Westlake Shopping Center. I am so excited for this opportunity. This is my first time in the treatment room since I graduated from SFIEC and passed State Board in September 2010.

Starting on this past Monday, I have been training at EWC in addition to working my full-time job at Sephora. Training so far has consisted of going over all of the waxing services that EWC offers, watching my trainer perform all of the services and then having me perform those services on my trainer. I feel like I'm in beauty school all over again, minus the facials. On Saturday, I will be performing a variety of waxing services on models. I have invited all of my friends (both online and off) to make an appointment to get a free waxing service of their choice. I'll get to work out of my own room, under the watchful eye of my trainer. I'm super excited for the all of the practice. My models will all get to experience the amazing EWC hard wax, which is only available at European Wax Center and get a fabulous waxing service from me, for FREE. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

Where the magic happens
European Wax Center is a one-stop-shop for everything waxing. It's affordable and efficient waxing in a super clean environment. Currently, there are 331 EWC locations in over 20 states, all across the country. If you aren't close to Daly City (the location I will be working at) or don't live in the San Francisco Bay Area, click here to see if there is a EWC near you.

Over the past week, I've been starting each day with a 4:30am wake-up time. Work starts at 6am. Then my training at EWC is right after work for four hours, two days this week. I haven't had time to run or take a Bikram yoga class. I barely have had time to pack a lunch for the next day and get a full eight hours of sleep. All of my hard work and dedication will pay off eventually, once I'm on the floor and accepting real, paying clients two days a week. It feels so good to finally have a chance to truly use the esthetician license I've worked so hard for. Plus, I can't wait to say that I am able to perform a Brazilian service in only 15 minutes!

If you are in Daly City or in the San Francisco Bay Area and are interested in booking a waxing service with me, be sure to call 650-991-9900 to book an appointment.

European Wax Center
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