Monday, October 22, 2012

I Made A Music Video Today

On my days off from work, I try to relax and have as much fun as possible. One thing that might surprise you that you don't know about me is that I graduated from San Jose State with a...wait for it...can I get a drumroll please...a Film Degree!

Back in 2005, I graduated from SJSU with a BA. I was in the RTVF (Radio, TV, Video, Film) Department shooting and editing digital and 16mm shorts. In the building next door, I was minoring in Sociology.

I love telling people that I went to school for film. It makes me sad when people ask me what I'm doing with my degree now and I say "Nothing." I love being a licensed esthetician. I enjoy working in the beauty industry. I'm super excited about my job on a regular basis. I just can't help but feel that life has gotten in the way of some my creative processes.

On my day off from work today, I grabbed my Flip Video and took my little sister, Megan all over San Francisco shooting the different shots for our music video. Part of this project was to get myself familiar with my Flip Video so that I can use it successfully for work. The other part was because I really missed shooting and editing videos. I love this particular Beck song. I was long overdue to let my creative juices flow.

Check it out and tell me what you think:

What gets your creative juices flowing?


  1. An esthetician that can do facials and make music videos, I'm jealous :)
    I am with you though on the part about loving being a licensed esthetician. I feel the exact same way about my day when I am giving treatments to all my guests! Keep up the great music videos!

  2. This is a great skill to have, Kathleen!! I'm sure you could find a way to incorporate it in your work in the beauty industry!

    1. Thanks Fawn! I'm actually working in putting together a few video products for work. I have a few ideas up my sleeve!