Friday, February 10, 2012

IDI: Acid, Peels and Exfoliation

Having fun and geeking out at IDI!
You know you're a true licensed esthetician when you find yourself spending time off from work educating yourself and geeking about out anything pertaining the skin care. Last week, I took a day off from work and spent the entire day at the International Dermal Institute where I learned all about exfoliation in the Acid, Peels and Exfoliation class.

Exfoliation Fun Fact: Did you know that we constantly shed one million dead skin cells every 40 minutes?

The Acid, Peels and Exfoliation class covered the who, what, when, where and why of exfoliation in six hours. The first half of the class was an informative lecture on everything exfoliation. We reviewed some skin basics like skin histology, common ingredients used in exfoliants, the pH scale, the history of exfoliation, different types of exfoliants and various methods of exfoliation. We debunked some of the myths that surround exfoliation. We also discussed treatment suggestions for various skin types and conditions.

Exfoliation Fun Fact: Did you know that 80% of your household dust is made up of dead skin cells?

The second part of the class was all hands-on. After lunch, we took turns with a partner, one being a model and the other receiving a service, then switching. I was really excited about the hands-on portion of the class because this was my first time touching skin since I graduated from beauty school in 2010. I forgot how much I missed being in the treatment room. Everyone in class got a chance to not only work with the different exfoliants, but also receive a mini service as well. I lucked out with my partner who had an amazing touch. She had me snoring half way through my service.

After this class, I'm now 66 hours away from completing my 100 Hour Certification with IDI. I'm well on my way with achieving my 2012 New Years resolution. I can't wait for my next IDI class at the end of the month which will be Acne: Types, Triggers and Treatments.


  1. I too am an LE and I love advanced education. I am taking a RA class on Monday about peels too. I am super excited. I would love to take some IDI classes. Chemical peels are my absolute fave! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Your learning in this industry should never end with just beauty school. Graduation means that your learning is only just beginning.