Monday, February 27, 2012

I Passed!

My quest for skin care knowledge continues. I just completed and earned by Certificate of Completion of Skin Inc's Physiology of the Skin video education course.

What is Skin Inc's Physiology of the Skin video education course all about?

This video education course is Skin Inc's newest addition to its online educational component. The course is broken down into four sections:
  • Acne
  • Sun
  • Aging Skin
  • Medical Spa

The entire course is narrated by Zoe Draelos, MD in a Powerpoint slide style. Each section is about an hour in length, unless you pause to take extra notes like I did. It's recommended that you take notes as you take the course, not only for your own quest of skin care knowledge, but for the quizzes. At the end of each section, there's a brief quiz that covers some of the material presented throughout the section. Each quiz has to be completed before the Certificate of Completion is issued. Don't worry, if you love geeking out on skin care like I do, you'll more than likely be paying attention and taking notes. The quizzes will be a cinch for those who pay attention during the course.

Within each section, there's also a list of suggested reading and reference materials. These tools will help bring the knowledge you gain during the course alive and provide more depth, should you desire that sort of thing. I know I do!

Upon completion of the course, you have the option to print out your Certificate of Completion. An official, signed copy will also be mailed to you at your registered mailing address.

Probably the coolest aspect of Skin Inc's Physiology of the Skin video education course is that you can use it as a constant, ongoing resource. Once you take the course, you can keep repeating each section as many times as you like.

Interested in taking Skin Inc's Physiology of the Skin video education course? Visit HERE for more details and registration information.


  1. You Go Girl, Advanced Classes are always good for all of us to stay on top of our field!!! Lorie