Monday, January 9, 2012

Thick Skin Required for the Brazilian Peel Clear Acne Peel Kit

I received the Brazilian Peel Clear Acne Peel Kit as gratis last July at work. I'd been sitting on this treatment system, waiting for my skin to experience some type of breakout. I know, weird! Who do you know hopes that their skin will break out just so they can try a new product? I love trying new products and I always want to make sure that the products I test get a fair chance. Since this was specifically an acne treatment, I wanted to make sure I had some sort of acne on my skin to treat.

Finally months later, I experienced some crazy congestion all over my face. Well, crazy for me because I rarely break out. I was sad that my skin was freaking out, but I was happy to finally have the chance to try the two-step acne kit out.

In a nutshell, here's my verdict. I love the Brazilian Peel itself. It's perfectly proportioned. The packaging is quite clever. The peel is easy to use. All it takes is clean skin, ten minutes of masking and a quick rinse. Then the peel is complete. As I was mixing the first application of the Brazilian Peel in my hands, I got a little nervous. The product literally warms up in your hands as you mix it together. How would this feel on my face? When you first apply the peel to the face, there can be a slight tingle action. It might even get a little itchy. As the ten minutes processing time goes on, the mask cools off considerably and any sort of itching that might have occured when it was first applied, disappears. You almost forget that you have the peel on your face until you rinse it off. Afterwards, you are left with noticeably brighter and tighter skin. It's the way you want your face to feel after using a great peel.

I received the Clear Acne Peel Kit, which in addition to the 4 weekly Brazilian Peels also included 30 of the Daily Acne Control Booster Pads. It's a month long, two step acne treatment program. You're suppose to use the pads on the days you don't apply the peel. For my skin, using the pads daily in between the peels was way too much treatment for my skin. After a week's worth of using the pads on a daily basis, my normal/combination skin ended up drying out. I had to quit using the pads and slather my face with extra rich moisturizer day and night until my face fully recovered.

Even though the peels were too harsh for my face, I still used them, just not on my face. I practice a lot of Bikram Yoga and I love running. Anytime I workout, my skin loves to produce a lot of sweat. Unfortunately tight gym clothes plus excessive sweat can equal breakouts for me on my chest, shoulders and back. The pads turned out to be the perfect after workout shower treatment for my chest, shoulders and back breakouts. The skin on your face is the thinnest layer of skin on your entire body. Everywhere else has a pretty thick layer of skin. This is why my shoulders, chest and back responded so nicely to the super strength Acne Control Booster Pads on a daily basis.

From my experience, only thick skinned (oily and acneic skin types) need apply for the Brazilian Peel Clear Acne Peel Kit. This stuff is powerful and effective, but could be too much treatment for a dry and sensitive skin type. If you tend to be dry or sensitive and still want an effective peel, try the Brazilian Peel on it's own, sans the Acne Control Booster Pads.


  1. I want to try this product, im glad i saw ur review on it, look like it works well, i might have to buy this, anyways im a new follower of yours and i love your blog, please i hope u can folllow back