Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rock Solid Gold, Nail Style

Sephora By OPI: Charge It!
At work, the dress code policy means having to dress in concept colors, which include black, white, red and grey. We can't wear anything outside of concept colors, otherwise we are in violation of the company's dress code policy. Lucky for me, this doesn't also apply to accessories. Most of my closet is black, thanks to many years of working as a bartender wear the bars I worked behind required a head-to-toe black uniform.

Thank goodness for accessories, shoes and nails. Nails have always been where I do most of my color experimenting. My outfit might be all black, but my nails always rock an offbeat color. Most of the time its a various shade of purple. I've been known to wear orange, yellow, green or blue, all colors that I could never wear as part of my uniform for work.

On my most recent mani/pedi at San Francisco's Beauty Company, I decided to try out my brand new Sephora by OPI shade, "Charge It!" It's described on the website as being a metallic 24K gold color. Indeed it is. I can relive my young dreams of becoming a Solid Gold dancer by rocking the bright, metallic hue on my nails. For this color, my nail technician recommended that I have my nails square shaped instead of the round shape I always opt for. She pointed out to me that the round shape and the metallic color would make my nails "too old" looking. Her recommendation was a good one. The square shape really adds some funk to this fun, metal color.

Charge It! doesn't have to be a polish color saved just for a themed party or New Years Eve occasion. The 24K gold is adding plenty of bling to my otherwise normally gloomy January days at the office.

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  1. I love that gold nail polish! It looks so glam and fab! I used to sell gold jewelry for cash and I also collect gold items like this.