Saturday, January 14, 2012

5 Makeup Recommendations for Acne Sufferers

Let's face it, acne sucks. Breakouts are really annoying and always seem to pop up on the face whenever there is an important event. There are many prescription-strength and plenty of effective over-the-counter treatments available on the market to help control acne. But how are we suppose to live life while trying to get the acne on our face under control? If you're like me, calling in sick to work or flaking on friends isn't an option. Thank goodness for makeup!

Zoe Draelos, MD is the co-author of Physiology of the Skin, Third Edition, the book many estheticians refer to as the "skin care bible." She is also a practicing board-certified dermatologist and is now the leading expert who hosts Skin Inc's the Physiology of the Skin online education course. Draelos says that there's no reason why people suffering from acne can't wear makeup. If they do, she recommends that acne sufferers:

1. Use Powder Cosmetics
If at all possible, use powder cosmetics. This includes powder blushes, eyeshadows, foundations and mineral makeup. Powder makeup is less likely to cause clogged pores, the culprit of acne lesions.

2. Use Easy to Remove Cosmetics
What if you don't like using mineral makeup? Don't worry, I don't either. I love using liquid foundation. I find that the right formulation provides better coverage and has longer staying power on my own skin. If you're like me and insist on using a liquid foundation, make sure that it's water-soluble and oil-free. These formulations are less likely to clog pores and are easy to remove. When removing your makeup, try incorporating a double cleanse to your routine to make sure that you are effectively removing all of the makeup from your face. Don't forget to ALWAYS remove your makeup and wash your face before going to bed. Going to bed with makeup on is just asking for a breakout.

3. Use an All-Over Matte Face Powder
All-over matte face powders are great for setting a liquid foundation. They are also instrumental in reducing shine and removing oil from the face. The extra shine you see popping up on the face by lunch time is oil. Excessive oil (otherwise known as sebum) plays a key role in causing acne. The talc in an all-over, matte face powder will help to absorb excessive oil on the face and of course reduce the mid-afternoon shine.

4. Don't Use Lip Gloss
I love lip gloss. I love the way it looks on my lips. I love that its easy to use and apply. I love that it adds shine and wakes up an otherwise mute lipstick. But when it comes to suffering from acne, you have to pick and choose your battles carefully. Would you rather have shiny lips with breakouts or a mute lip with clear skin? The reason why lip glosses are a no-no for acne suffers is because gloss doesn't just stay on the lips like lipsticks do. The oils from lip gloss travel easily up from the lip area to the face. Once on the face, these oils can clog pores, causing breakouts.

For the longest time, I could not figure out why I kept getting blackheads (comedones) along my lip line. Every time I went in for a facial, my esthetician would have to perform numerous, painful extractions along my lip line. I eventually realized that it was the oils from the thick, gooey lip glosses that I love to wear (Yes, I'm looking at you MAC clear Lipglass) that were clogging the pores along my lip line, causing the ugly and painful bumps. I'm a licensed esthetician, but I'm not perfect. I love my lip gloss just as much as the next gal. I know that I could never swear the stuff off for good. Instead, I just wear gloss less frequently because I know that excessive wear can possibly cause a breakout and lead to painful extractions.

5. Keep Hair Away From the Face
Hair is dirty. Draelos makes a very interesting point in the Physiology of the Skin online education course. She says that having clean hair is just as important as having a clean face. Think about it. Hair has a lot of oil. If you have longer hair, it's more than likely to touch the surface of your skin. The oils in hair, especially dirty hair, can clog pores and lead to breakouts on the face. You don't have to wash your hair everyday, but at least pull it back and keep it off your face if you want to minimize your chances of having your skin breakout.


  1. thank you for posting that really help me i always wanted to use makeup but i was scared because of my acne problems

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