Saturday, April 16, 2011

Don't Let the Hello Kitty Cute Fool You

I was beyond ecstatic when Sephora first introduced their Hello Kitty beauty line, Hello Pretty back in January. I was even more excited when I realized that the products in the line were designed for adults. The Hello Pretty line is not a limited edition line. The products are here to stay, with new products coming out each season. Leave the shopping at the Sanrio store to the young Hello Kitty fans. Adults who grew up loving Hello Kitty now get to shop for Hello Kitty at Sephora.

I have been pretty impressed with the quality of products in the Hello Pretty line so far. I love the high quality of the Hello Kitty Liquid Nail Art and the adorable bottles they come in. The Hello Kitty Apple Cheeks in Cottonball makes an awesome shimmering, creamy highlighter. Even the Say Hello Palettes have great color pay off in their eyeshadows and glosses in their uber cute, sturdy containers.

When it came to the Hello Kitty fragrance, I was skeptical. Granted, I am one of the biggest Hello Kitty fans you will ever meet, but what could a Hello Kitty fragrance possibly smell like? Baby powder? Loves Baby Soft Perfume? I craved having the Hello Kitty head-shaped bottle with the pink atomizer on my shelf, but what adult wants to smell like an eight year old girl?

I received the 100-point Beauty Insider perk, the deluxe-sized sample of the Hello Kitty fragrance more so for the bottle itself. I just let it sit in my bathroom for a couple weeks without even smelling it. Even though the deluxe-sized sample bottle of the perfume was adorable, I still wasn't convinced that the fragrance would actually smell like something I'd want to wear. Once I smelled the fragrance though, I wanted to smack myself for not smelling it sooner. How could I have ever judged the Hello Kitty fragrance by its cute bottle?

The fragrance is an Eau De Parfum, the most concentrated formula that a fragrance can come in.  It's concentrated formula means that the fragrance has staying power. A little bit of the fragrance will go a long way. The best way I can described how it smells is that it has a rich floral scent mixed with warm vanilla and a hint of musk. Even though the fragrance has Cassis Sorbet, Italian Mandarin and Apple top notes, its scent isn't overly sweet. The base notes of Tonka Bean, Vanilla and Musk really round out the fragrance.

I was still coming out of my heavy, woody, oriental winter fragrance cloud thanks to Tom Ford' Black Orchid. The rich floral with a mixture of vanilla and musk in the Hello Kitty fragrance made for a nice transition into the warm months. I ended up loving the Hello Kitty fragrance so much that I bought the 1.7 oz Eau De Parfum spray to use at home and the .33 oz Rollerball to keep with me in my purse. I even bought the 8 oz Lotion For Me Body Lotion so that I could extend the life of the fragrance throughout the day by layering the scented lotion with the fragrance.

Still don't believe me? I totally understand. The next time you find yourself in Sephora, smell the Hello Kitty fragrance. I promise, all those preconceived notions you have about what a Hello Kitty fragrance should smell like will evaporate. You will be pleasantly surprised. And yes, the packaging is really that cute.

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