Monday, April 25, 2011

10 Awesome @iFabbo Posts (Leave A Comment, Get A Comment!)

We are breaking from our regularly scheduled blog consisting of skin care, makeup, product reviews and ingredients to introduce iFabbo's Top 10 Awesome Posts. iFabbo has asked me to host their first ever 10 Awesome Posts feature here on my blog. Thanks iFabbo! I'm so honored to be your very first host.

For most of us, blogging is a labor of love. We spend countless, unpaid hours writing about, researching and testing various products. It's always exciting whenever we can be recognized for all of the hard work we do. Show your support for the featured bloggers below by visiting the direct links to their posts. Feel free to get comment happy, both on here and on the featured blog posts. Help us spread the love on Twitter by using the handy dandy feature at the bottom of this post.

Want to know how you can get one of your own favorite blog posts featured on iFabbo's next Top 10 Awesome Post? Interested in being the next iFabbo Top 10 Awesome Post Host? Be sure to read the details below. You're only 3 comments away.

Welcome! Were delighted to be part of Kathleen's blog, who is hosting the top 10 Awesome Posts! For those who don't know, iFabbo is an organization that unites fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers with brands. Want to join? It's free. Apply here.

What are the Awesome Posts? We find 10 interesting iFabbo member articles and one blogger to host links to them. We then encourage our members to visit the host's blog to show their support.

Latest iFabbo news: The April newsletter is out! This month's featured blogger was Laura A. Floyd from LaF oUt LoUd Beauty!. Also featured was our super-quick, anonymous survey on advertising, and founding-member Bree from The Blog Stylist. The New York iFabbo member event is coming - it'll be held May 23, 2011.

iFabbo better blogging tip: We can't get enough of Bloggers' Domain! It's an A-Z of everything you could possibly need for your blog (and more), with loads of blog tips, tools and resources.

10 Awesome Posts from iFabbo members:

  1. Nicole @ Lipstick & Luxury: A Day at IMATS New York City
  2. Melissa @ Super Glam News: Get Hollywood Eyelashes
  3. Britt + Whit @ Britt + Whit: San Francisco Charity Fashion Show
  4. Katja @ Inside Look at KCN: Sunshine & Floral
  5. Pammy @ Pammy Blogs Beauty: Milani Baked Blushes: Wow! Love 'Em!
  6. Andrea @ Fox In Flats: Toe Cleavage: Too Sexy For The Playground?
  7. Kari @ Once Bitten: Big Ruby Nail Tattoos
  8. Nikki @ Styling You: Step away from the puffer vest. Now!
  9. Kathleen @ My Life As An Esthetician: Skincare 101: What Is An Esthetician?
  10. Addi @ The Curve & The Line: Tie-Dye and Brass Chains
Want to be considered as the next Awesome Posts host? Simply leave THREE comments:
1: In the comment area below (Stuck for something to say? Share your best blogging tip).
2: On the commenter above you (If you're first to comment, you get to skip this step!)
3: On one - or more - of the bloggers featured in the Top 10 list above

Anyone can leave a comment (providing they meet the host's comment policy), but you need to be an approved iFabbo member to be chosen as host. When choosing a host and 10 blogs to feature, we look at who our most-active members are (the ones leaving comments and tweeting links to our host's blog).

If you're an iFabbo member and you have an awesome post for our next round, submit it by e-mailing awesomeposts[at]ifabbo[dot]com with your name, and a link to your awesome post.

For more info on iFabbo, visit our site, follow us on Twitter, and check out our Facebook page.

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  1. Wow I'm so honored to have one of the top 10 posts for iFabbo! There's are so many great beauty bloggers and I'm happy to be among the best Xoxo.

  2. Wow, this is so cool!!! Thanks iFabbo for including me in this list and thanks to My Life As an Esthetician for hosting!!! :) I am so thrilled to be on this list and look forward to checking out everyone's blog on this list! xoxo!!!!

  3. Thank you guys for featuring Britt+Whit! It will be a great chance to raise awarness around the Princess Project!

    Wanted to invite you to our First Giveaway!

    love from San Francisco,


  4. Congrats everyone & thanks to Kathleen for hosting and to iFabbo for selecting me and the other fabulous blogs!!! :D

  5. Well done, ladies! We hope you love the Awesome Posts concept! Don't forget to leave a comment on the commenter above!

  6. Yay for iFabbo! And yay for amazing bloggers! :)

  7. Great concept! And I LOVE Bloggers Domain. I found it recently and it has been a lifesaver.

  8. Wow what a thrill - totally Awesome!

    Loving the other articles. So great - well done!

  9. Congrats to all the bloggers on the Top 10 list!! Love the concept...thanks iFabbo.

  10. Congrats to all the bloggers on this list! And thanks Kathleen for posting this! I read Pammy's Blog, but this will let me check out some other great blogs! Thanks iFabbo!

  11. A huge thank you to everyone for their love and support with the Top 10 @iFabbo members Awesome Posts so far. Glad to see that everyone is enjoying the new feature. This is a great way for us all to stay connected. I loved reading all of your posts. Keep em coming!!

    Anyone have any great blogging advice? I think the best advice I ever got for blogging was to post often. Always give your readers something to come back for. What's your favorite blogging tip?

  12. Thanks so much for the inclusion - great to be in this line-up with so many talented bloggers.

  13. Great list of bloggers with some great posts and articles. Thanks to all of the wonderful contributors!

  14. What a great roound up, i've found a few new blogs to check out already!

  15. I love these kinds of lists- gives me so many new addictions!

  16. Great list of bloggers! Congrats to all. Look forward to read many new blogs.

  17. Great post! Congrats to all who was listed!

  18. I awarded you with THE STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD!!! XOXO

  19. Wow .. I am happy to be a here and want to be a part of next in top ten awesome blogs !!