Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tweezerman by Betsey Johnson

One of the first things I learned in beauty school was that chickens are plucked. Eyebrows are tweezed.

Now you can tweeze all of your unwanted hair in style. Betsey Johnson style!! What is there not to love about these Tweezerman tweezers designed by Betsey Johnson? First of all, I am a HUGE Betsey Johnson fan. Secondly, I'm an esthetician who has a lot of uses for a good, quality pair of tweezers. Why not have tools that are not only high quality and functional, but simply adorable?

These tweezers come in three different editions: skulls, Marilyn Monroe or roses. They are available exclusively through At twenty-five bucks a pop, cuteness like this is worth every single penny.

**(09/04/10)-I caved and bought my own pair, with the roses print. I can't wait to use them. Every esthetician and hair tweezing gal deserves to have super, duper cute tools like these.

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