What Does Organic Mean?

Terms like organic and natural are popular buzzwords in the skin care industry. Everywhere you look these days, skin care companies are developing natural lines or claiming that they use organic ingredients. Now more than ever, consumers are searching for products that contain less chemicals and have more natural or organic ingredients. But just what […]

What’s the Deal With Talc?

A Consumer’s Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients defines talc, in its purest form, as being Magnesium Silicate Hydroxide, otherwise known as French Chalk. Cosmetic-grade talc is finely powdered Magnesium Silicate Hydroxide. There are sometimes small traces of other powders like boric acid or zinc oxide added with talc when its used as a coloring ingredient. Talc […]

What Does Natural Mean?

The beauty industry can be a fun and exciting place for many consumers. Unfortunately, it can also be confusing and misleading. With companies throwing around so many buzzwords these days, it’s now harder than ever for consumers to be able to decipher which products and ingredients are going to be effective and which products are […]

What is Moisturizer?

“Do I really need a moisturizer?” “Is wearing a moisturizer everyday really that important?” Clients ask me these questions all the time whenever I am helping them determine an at-home skincare regimen for their skin type and particular skin concerns. Moisturizers are an important part of one’s skincare routine. Every skin type should be using […]

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

There are two things in life that are certain: we have to pay taxes and we eventually grow old. I’m an esthetician and I wouldn’t know the first thing about giving tax advice, but I do know a thing or two about aging skin. When it comes to aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles are […]

The Five Layers of the Epidermis

The epidermis is very important to an esthetician. An esthetician is only licensed to treat the five most outer layers of the skin, which make up the epidermis. An esthetician’s skin treatments stop where the blood starts to flow within the skin. Anything beyond the epidermis starting with the dermis layer, onto the subcutaneous layer […]

What is an Esthetician?

An esthetician is a trained professional whom is licensed to treat your skin topically and cosmetically, provide your skin with preventative care and give your skin treatments to help keep it young and healthy looking. According to the Milady’s textbook, (the textbook that most, if not all aspiring estheticians study during their 600-hour program) an […]